Éditions des Visages

Les Éditions des Visages is a publishing house that I imagined and created in 2016. It is a collection of fine books of photographs on the theme of cities through the urban landscapes, the inhabitants of cities, and anything that might be related to the dynamics of a city in general. The aim is – above all – to enhance medium-sized cities, which are generally less valued compared to capitals or large cities within the specialised publishing field. 

Within the publishing house, I founded the collection L’Envers de la ville, an example of which can be seen with the first book of the above collection dedicated to the city of Rennes (in Brittany, France). This collection shows the city in its daily state and in more authentic places by exhibiting a series of portraits taken one night in one of the epicentres of Rennes. The book also exhibits photographs of concerts, festivals, street-art but also a long series of photos showing all the atypical doors of the city, or even a URBEX series taken with a fisheye lens. Various amateur and professional photographers participated in the project, and I had imagined for the continuation of other collections examples, as we can see below with the book Les vieilles charrues from another collection dedicated to music festivals.

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