Don’t Learn The Hard Way

Don’t Learn The Hard Way is my last Book Cover Design work, realised for one of my Uni projects as part of the Editorial Development and Content Management module. It is directly inspired by Google Search layout (a similar font than Google uses).

This book offers a very new and original perspective about all the useful things that any young adult will be confronted with. It offers a different kind of interesting and fascinating facts displayed in four main sections: Finance, Cooking, Relationships, Technology.

This project was very challenging as we needed to choose an existing imprint or a publishing house and so, follow its design policy. For this project, the idea of the design came naturally for me, as the book wants to teach us what the Internet didn’t teach us yet (referencing to the meme community on the Internet, very influencing for young adults nowadays). I thought about Google Search displayed on an all-white page, like the back cover which simply represents the main slogan of the book: ‘Things you haven’t been told but wish you had’ in a very visible font and in big size, simply re-taking two of the colours of the main title from the cover.

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