Countries of the Silk Road

My last project – taking part of my Marketing module – is based on the launching of a new major academic series published by the imprint I.B Tauris which is part of Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. The series will present each profile of the 11 countries of the new silk road between China and Europe.  

The first four volumes will be published on Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – in alphabetical order – and will present a very detailed and complete description of each of the countries tending to appeal as the most complete series ever written on the subject. 

It will describe aspects of all kinds – cultural, economic, political, religious, and social – involving peoples, places, and events. Furthermore, it will introduce the reader to an important but almost unknown part of the world for some countries. Each volume in this series will be written by a leading authority and explores with accurate and up-to-date case-studies all the aspects of the country.

For this project, I have imagined and designed the first four volumes working on all aspects relating to Series Brand Building for Academic Publishing: complete and detailed market research has been made.

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