Countries of the Silk Road

My last project – taking part of my Marketing module – is based on the launching of a new major academic series published by the imprint I.B Tauris which is part of Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. The series will present each profile of the 11 countries of the new silk road between China and Europe.  

The first four volumes will be published on Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – in alphabetical order – and will present a very detailed and complete description of each of the countries tending to appeal as the most complete series ever written on the subject. 

It will describe aspects of all kinds – cultural, economic, political, religious, and social – involving peoples, places, and events. Furthermore, it will introduce the reader to an important but almost unknown part of the world for some countries. Each volume in this series will be written by a leading authority and explores with accurate and up-to-date case-studies all the aspects of the country.

For this project, I have imagined and designed the first four volumes working on all aspects relating to Series Brand Building for Academic Publishing: complete and detailed market research has been made.

Don’t Learn The Hard Way

Don’t Learn The Hard Way is my last Book Cover Design work, realised for one of my Uni projects as part of the Editorial Development and Content Management module. It is directly inspired by Google Search layout (a similar font than Google uses).

This book offers a very new and original perspective about all the useful things that any young adult will be confronted with. It offers a different kind of interesting and fascinating facts displayed in four main sections: Finance, Cooking, Relationships, Technology.

This project was very challenging as we needed to choose an existing imprint or a publishing house and so, follow its design policy. For this project, the idea of the design came naturally for me, as the book wants to teach us what the Internet didn’t teach us yet (referencing to the meme community on the Internet, very influencing for young adults nowadays). I thought about Google Search displayed on an all-white page, like the back cover which simply represents the main slogan of the book: ‘Things you haven’t been told but wish you had’ in a very visible font and in big size, simply re-taking two of the colours of the main title from the cover.

The Tempest

The Tempest is one of my current book projects – taking part as the Design and Production module from my MA at Oxford Brookes University. We had to choose one of Shakespeare’s plays and create the cover of the book (paperback).

For this project, I have chosen The Tempest in order to work around the Sea Themes which are mainly present in this play.

I have imagined and created a very simple and graphic cover design. My ambition is to present a completely new type of book series within a collection that I have also imagined through this project.

I titled my collection Doctus Cum Libro (Learned with a book in latin) to highlight the innovative language of Shakespeare and correlate it with the literary aspect of classics books through a inventive book collection.

I also created other covers for the same play to illustrate the theme through different types of design.


Cities, Streets photography, Nature and Architecture are my main source of inspiration for photography.

I like to take photos of beautiful things and I am passionate about how photography is an unlimited source of creation. Here this is a very small example of my photography portfolio.

United Kingdom & Ireland



Festival de Robotique de Cachan

I worked as an event coordinator for the 5th edition of the Cachan Robotics Festival, which took place from 4 to 9 June 2019. It is a multidisciplinary Festival whose primary aim is to popularize the fields of new technologies and in particular robotics to a very wide audience. To do this, the Festival proposes each year scientific and technical events (exhibition of industrial robots, robotics competitions, coding animation workshops, drone piloting…) on the one hand, and other cultural events on the other hand (cinema screening, theatre show, media library activities, conferences and round tables, outdoor circus show).

During this event, I was involved in the organization and coordination of the festival as a whole. My missions were diverse: between communication (contact with partners, email campaigns, setting up meetings, social media campaigns, press relations…); preparation of graphic supports (flyers, rollup, tickets, badges, press and educational documents …); website updates, writing (articles, newsletter).

More info : Here.

Les P’tits bouquineurs

Les P’tits bouquineurs is a youth illustration biennial that honours a dozen illustrators of children books in Rennes and its agglomeration.
I participated in the project by creating an exhibition booklet for one of the illustrators Ilya Green. Each library had its own exhibition and booklet. The principle was to present the project, the artist’s biography, her bibliography as well as various children’s games that we had to imagine and create from the artist’s publications.

Éditions des Visages

Les Éditions des Visages is a publishing house that I imagined and created in 2016. It is a collection of fine books of photographs on the theme of cities through the urban landscapes, the inhabitants of cities, and anything that might be related to the dynamics of a city in general. The aim is – above all – to enhance medium-sized cities, which are generally less valued compared to capitals or large cities within the specialised publishing field. 

Within the publishing house, I founded the collection L’Envers de la ville, an example of which can be seen with the first book of the above collection dedicated to the city of Rennes (in Brittany, France). This collection shows the city in its daily state and in more authentic places by exhibiting a series of portraits taken one night in one of the epicentres of Rennes. The book also exhibits photographs of concerts, festivals, street-art but also a long series of photos showing all the atypical doors of the city, or even a URBEX series taken with a fisheye lens. Various amateur and professional photographers participated in the project, and I had imagined for the continuation of other collections examples, as we can see below with the book Les vieilles charrues from another collection dedicated to music festivals.

Queer Project

Queer Project is an independent magazine printed with a beautiful quality paper and consecrated to the queer culture as a whole. This magazine was imagined and created in the way to pay tribute to queer people as part of the LGBTQIA community, which doesn’t have real visibility within the press industry. 

The magazine wants to offer a new aspect of the printed industry as a whole and is considered as avant-garde with its original format and content. It presents in various sections what it means to be queer through music, cinema, series, contemporary art, the pornographic industry, cultural festivals … and so much more! Six passionate authors including a journalist at TRAX magazine, an eco-queer militant, two illustrators, a researcher author of a thesis on the theme of artistic and political strategies of gender identity have – among other things – contributed to this beautiful project of this unique magazine.